Kuakini’s estate to go to Leleiohoku, 1845.

The Estate of Kuakini. Kuakini’s estate has been settled by the Legislature earlier. His entire personal estate goes to Leleiohoku as per his will; the belongings of the alii have been returned to them; and the cash of twenty thousand ($20,000) has been given to Kekauluohi the Kuhina; as per the will of Kuakini, it is to be held for the five chiefly children boarding at the school [Chiefs’ Children School], Moses, Lot, Liholiho, Kamamalu, and Lunalilo.

Kekauluohi however is set on dedicating a tenth of the sum to God, for the benefit of his kingdom; that being two thousand dollars ($2,000). This is a proper idea, and befitting the words of Solomon.

“Honour the Lord with thy substance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase.”

(Elele, 6/3/1845, p. 39)

Ka Elele, Buke 1, Pepa 5, Aoao 39. Iune 3, 1845.

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