More from Kalaupapa, 1912.


To you, the distinguished one, O Nupepa Kuokoa, warm Aloha between us:—Please print these lines below:

Here I am spreading amongst the public, appreciation for the way we are being cared for at Baldwin Home here at the leprosy colony; the Brothers take good care of all of us and their care is better than true parents, all of the boys of the home have become true brothers to the Brothers of Baldwin Home; and this [letter] is to let the parents know of how their beloved children are being cared for at Baldwin Home.

If the children go down to the ocean of Kalaupapa, two Brothers will go down with them and come back with them; they take care of the children very morally; also, if the children go to Waikolu, some of the Brothers will accompany them all the time.

Let us look, O Friends and Parents, at the manner in which the sick children of Molokai are taken care of; in my opinion, Baldwin Home is the best. These are the names of the Brothers: Bro. Jokewe [Joseph Dutton] is the head of this Home, Bro. Lui [?] is the head of the Brothers, Bro. Lipolina [?] is their cook, Bro. Sawelino [?] is the one who sews the clothes of all of the children of Baldwin Home.

The Home is surrounded by eucalyptus trees and plum trees; those things above are what I have to inform you of.

O Distinguished One, I am one of the children who came to this foreign land, her to the leprosy colony of Molokai in the month of September 26, 1911.

That is the news from the land of suffering; please spread it to the entire archipelago.

Sincerely yours,
James Palakiko.
Baldwin Home, Molokai.

(Kuokoa, 1/12/1912, p. 6)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVIII, Helu 2, Aoao 6. Ianuari 12, 1912.


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