One more article from Garden Island, 1912.

[Found under the Hawaiian-Language column: “Lei Mokihana”]

They Should Be Flogged.

The abuse of a drunk man of his wife and children at home, like what was seen a few nights ago in Hanamaulu, made us think that there should be wooden posts set up there to whip his kind, just like it was done in the olden days. Jail is where all these kinds of drunks should be, and they should be tied to a wooden pole and there be whipped and that perhaps will make this sort of man become docile.

At half after ten one night past, a drunken man returned home, and as his family lay fast asleep, he did all sorts of improper acts and woke the whole family up and they sat up watching their husband and father. The wife had been just operated on by a doctor and was not recovered yet from the surgery [?], but this man thought nothing of this. All he had was curse and swear words along with threats to his wife and children who fled outside in the dark and freezing night, and there they crouched in the cold until the police arrived maybe some two hours later, and the drunk man was taken away to the jail to see Kaowaka, the Duke of Waiohule [?] This drunk was set free after he was sober and received a good talking to, then he returned home to his family who he ranted and raved at the night before.

This kind of thing is just not right, and so to perhaps put an end to this type of behavior, this is why we wrote the above, so that those like him will hopefully feel fear, and love and peace will then reign in these homes.

(Garden Island, 1/30/1912, p. 2)

He Pono Ke Hili Ia I Ke Kaula

The Garden Island, Volume 9, Number 5, Page 2. January 30, 1912.


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