Aina and description in the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers.

There are so many descriptions of land (along with things related to it, like kamaaina who reside there, its wind/rain names, famous stories of the area, etc.) in the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers. They appear in all types of articles: from travelogues (like Thomas K. Maunupau’s “Huakai Makaikai a Kaupo, Maui”), to church meeting descriptions (it seems as if there was a church meeting going on at all times of the year somewhere), to pieces done specifically about a certain place (like the Moanalua one just shown), to random articles not focused on the place but that just happen to mention important information found nowhere else. And something else that is remarkable is that there are descriptions of places through the years, so you can see how they change over time…

All this is in the papers. Once all of the pages of newspaper are shot clearly and word-searchable, so so many awesome things will come to the light of day once more.

Speaking of place, check out the new series “Wahi Ko’iko’i” on Oiwi TV! The story of Queen Emma’s circuit of the islands and her riding horseback up to Waiau is documented beautifully in the newspapers!

Perhaps even the Hawaii Tourism Authority might consider the importance of the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers and all the benefits they could enjoy if all of the information contained in them were easily accessed!

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