Hawaiian Ethnological Notes, Bishop Museum.

This is a priceless resource left to us mainly by Mary Kawena Pukui. There are translations (in all stages) of all kinds of material. For more information on the body as well as online search access, see below. (Note that not all of the HEN is listed online.):


The reason I am bringing this up now is because one of the translations in the collection is of those Moanalua articles! So for a much better translation of the previous article as well as the whole series, check it out at the Museum. Its is available under the call number: HEN Newspapers, 2/17/1922 – 8/31/1922.

One more thing. Although that Moanalua series translation (and those like it) found in HEN does not appear in any publication as a whole, information extracted from it appears in a great number of publications we are all most likely familiar with!

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