Nice picture of Maui’s Kaahumanu Society officers, 1923.

The Members of the Kaahumanu Society of Maui

These are the officers of the society: Mrs. Sarah Buck, president; Mrs. Mary Ross, vice president; Mrs. Aoe Holstein, treasurer; Mrs. Keoho Rose, secretary; Mrs. Hattie K. Smyth, assistant secretary; Mrs. Magaret [Margaret] Kinney, auditor; Mrs. Becky Mounacastle [Mountcastle], Mrs. Kaumeheiwa, Sr., Mrs. Sam Alo, Miss Ellen Cropp, Mrs. George Kaholokai, Mrs. Annie Lake along the officers of the society, are the executive committee.

(Kuokoa, 7/5/1923, p. 3)

Ka Ahahui Lala Kaahumanu o Maui

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXII, Helu 27, Aoao 3. Iulai 5, 1923.

6 thoughts on “Nice picture of Maui’s Kaahumanu Society officers, 1923.

  1. I am a life member of Chapter 1, Lehua McColgan. This information on Queen Kaahumanu is most interesting, so much learned. Our present chapters should read about our Queen. I would like to know where did the Ahahui’s song “Lei Kaahumanu” was composed, who composed such an elegant song. It should be preserved with dignity, sung by all chapter members with much pride and glory. It should not be used for hula contests, when singing this song no hula movements or any type of movement of the kino. It should be sung as a symbolic and respect for our Queen Kaahumanu. We should show honor a feeling of high respect especially before an audience allowing them to know how highly our Queen is respected for what she has accomplished in her life for all of us.

  2. I am a member of Ahahui Kaahumanu, Chapter 1, Sonia Kalani Kawanakikilani Kaiama Hefner Tapu, I aspire to become a lifetime member. I am reading all the articles of our Ahahui Kaahumanu here on this website. Mahalo for its preservation and sharing to all of us in its translated form. The knowledge these articles bring with them is a refreshing insight of how, even who, in those days, brought forth what we have today. It is in appreciation of all their efforts and contribution we exists today. I have enjoyed this session, please continue. “Aloha.”

  3. Looking for a picture of my Great Great Grandmother who was with the Kaahumanu Society of Maui. Her name is Amelia Nahuina Koko Lohiau from Hana,

    • Aloha! I just came across this message while researching. Your great great grandmother is buried at Puʻuiki, St. Peterʻs cemetery. Her grave is located near the back entrance of the church . Her picture is on her headstone. Aloha!

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