Congratulations to all ‘Ike Kū‘oko‘a Project volunteers, 2012.

I was looking in this morning’s newspaper, and there was an article by ‘Alohi Bikle, on page 2 of section B, “Volunteers end transcriptions of Hawaiian-language papers,” about the volunteer project that just ended their first phase yesterday, Hawaiian Restoration Day. The volunteers typed an amazing 15,500 pages of newspapers!

I am perhaps most excited to hear that the project is pledging to translate all of the completed 15,500 pages of newspaper and to put them up online! And it seems that these will not just be summaries like what i do here just for fun, but “quality translations.” Hopefully some day in the near future, i can put this blog aside, and do some gardening, because they also pledge to be thorough, making sure that “no ‘a,’ ‘e,’ ‘i,’ ‘o’ and ‘u’ will be overlooked.”!!

This is something the words and thoughts of the people of old deserve. After all, in the word is life, and in the word is death.


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