Kaumakapili Church member, 1910.

Old Member of Kaumakapili.

Mr. Aheakalani.

The picture above is one of Aheakalani, one of the very old members of Kaumakapili Church, and he has perhaps reached the age of ninety-five, being that he was going about about during the time Kamehameha was king.
He was first in the congregation of the church of Waiohinu, Kau, when the kahu were Parker, Mikahana and Mikini.

However, when he returned to Honolulu to live, he became a member of Kaumakapili Church, when Rev. Rowell Smith was kahu. And from that time, he has been one of the congregation there for sixty years. He is in good health and walks to prayer ever Sunday.
He is stout, but he is in recovery, and walks every Sunday with his cane, and through him, God is glorified for his amazing works.
(Kuokoa, 5/27/1910, p. 5)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVII, Helu 21, Aoao 5. Mei 27, 1910.

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