Vital Statistics from 1912 and some other thoughts… 2012.

In just one more week, all of the regular Vital Statistics columns printed in the Kuokoa from one-hundred years ago in 1912 will be name searchable. However, the other articles announcing births, deaths, and marriages from the Kuokoa and the other newspapers of that year (Kuokoa Home Rula, Aloha Aina, and Au Hou) have not all been posted here…

I am hoping that sometime soon the pages done by the 6,500 volunteers this summer with Ike Kuokoa will be up and searchable online. The last official report said that the pages would be up a couple of days after La Kuokoa (November 28), 2012.

If it is a matter of all of the pages not being ready for uploading, perhaps it would be best for morale (and research) if the pages that are currently ready are put up now, with the rest to be posted as they get done. A listing of the newly-uploaded pages would also be very useful as well as a listing of the pages that were “completed” by the volunteers but aren’t ready for uploading.

4 thoughts on “Vital Statistics from 1912 and some other thoughts… 2012.

  1. I don’t know about anyone else but I think it’s very poor taste that the last update regarding these new transcribed pages said it would be up by THAT particular day. I know some people involved with this Ike Kuokoa initiative read this blog often. What gives!? Why no update other than that last incorrect update? I am quite disappointed. Not in the fact that they are not ready but because of the misinformation and totally disregard for what they had promised. At least an update would be nice. I’m beginning to think this Ike Kuokoa initiative is some kine of scam. When you say something is done and uploaded it should be. Without an update its just a lie. Mokaki ko Ike Kuoka hana… hoopaumanawa already…

  2. Aloha Kamahana, i appreciate your enthusiasm over seeing all of the work accomplished by the many volunteers worldwide. Perhaps there have been unanticipated technical difficulties that are delaying the upload and further communication. I am sure there will be updates soon, and that shortly we’ll be able to word search the many new pages online!

  3. Piliwi ole piliwi mai, he scam anei kau e nia nei? Gooooo eaaasssssyyy me kena wahi hoohalahala ana… e ae haahaa mai ka hoomanawanui. Aia ke hoouka ia, paa a laha ka momi e pono ai kakou.

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