Catholic clergy arrive, including someone named Damien, 1864.

[Found under: “NEWS OF HAWAII NEI.”]

New Teachers and Nuns.—With the docking of the ship R. W. Wood, from Europe, on the Saturday of this past week [March 19, 1864], arrived aboard her was some new Priests and some student priests and Nuns [Virikina] of the Roman Catholics [Katolika oiaio]. Here below are their names:

Chretien Willemsem, Damien Devenster [De Veuster], Lieven Von Hateren, Clement Evrard, Eutrope Bianc, Ayman Pradeyrol.

The names of the Nuns.

Theodora Elfering, Belina Richters, Dolores Gautreau, Marie Stanislas Verelst, Marie Laurence Aussera, Germania Delanoue, Arna Besseling, Gudula Besseling, Abse Oursel, and Spiridione Leroy.

(Kuokoa, 3/26/1864, p. 2)

Mau Kumu a me na Virikini Hou.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke III, Helu 13, Aoao 2. Maraki 26, 1864.

5 thoughts on “Catholic clergy arrive, including someone named Damien, 1864.

  1. Wish you luck… There should be a lot about George Washington Delaware Halemanu in the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers, because he worked in the government. Hopefully when the pages typed in by the 3,500 volunteers this summer are put up online, you will be able to find more articles dealing with him at:

    • Mahalo a nui ia oe for your kindly reply. I indeed have found about 65 articles so far which have been translated through excellent assistance and with reciprocal family contributions. For us it is gold!! It is no less than amazing and a true gift to learn as much so far of his accomplishments. I eagerly await to see if there are any other obscure items made available soon. Pray all will be in order by summer. Ho’omanawanui! When he was the luna kula at Hamakua, 1860-1865 he kept a record book of births and deaths which had later been used 20 yrs after he passed for verifying data in a court case. I am hoping someday it will be made available to our family – if its still in existence after the case was won. As a few books of his have found their way in to the State archives “la’au lapa’au” and church records at the Mission House. Mahalo nui for your contribution towards our uncovering our family history. Me ke aloha nui. Doreen Lindsey Hobdy

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