Vital Statistics, 1913.


Richard Davenport to Emma Makaula, Dec. 24.
Antone Nuuanu Bright to Miss Emily Thomas, Dec. 24.
William Dykes to Dina Vida, Dec. 27.


To William Hart and Clara McColgan, a daughter, Dec. 12.
To Thomas Mahoahoa and Ella Likela, a son, Dec. 19.
To Benjamin J. Kahele and Becky Kelii, a daughter, Dec. 24.
To James Walaaulani and Louisa Kalama, a daughter, Dec. 24.
To John Kenala and Lizzie Napua Kahikina, a son, Dec. 25.
To Joseph Kaaaa and Maryann Montero, a daughter, Dec. 25.
To Levi Kalauli and May Iona, a son, Dec. 26.
To Klemme M. Hui and Emma P. Hoopii, a son, Dec. 30.


A baby of Phillip Keliikoa, on Dowsett Lane, Dec. 19.
??????, Jr., on ?????
?????? on Kel???? Lane ???
????weamahi [? Keaweamahi], ???? Dec. 25.
???? Rodrigues, in Kalihi Valley, Dec. 25.
James M. Kalalakoa, on Hobron Lane, Dec. 25.
Peter Thomas, on Ala Moana Boulevard, Dec. 25.
Hana Keahi, at the corner of Fort and Vineyard Streets, Dec. 27.
Kaliko Piko, on Kamehameha IV Road, Dec. 28.
Kamai Naopeope, on Houghtailing Street, Dec. 28.
Lydia Wood, on Smith Lane, Dec. 29.
Foster Mahoahoa, on Dement Street, Dec. 29.
David Kama, on Kalihi Street, Dec. 29.
Elizabeth Polakamu, on Jack Lane, Dec. 30.
A baby of Klemme M. Hui, on Iwilei Street, Dec. 30.
Charles Kaiama, at Mokauea, Kalihi, Dec. 30.

[What a way to start the year! The finger holding the torn sides together hides at least seven people. If only there was funding to reshoot the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers so the information they hold can be clearly seen…]

(Kuokoa, 1/3/1913, p. 8)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLIX, Helu 1, Aoao 8. Ianuari 3, 1913.

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