Speaking of Prendergast… 2013.

It is good to know if you are doing research on this name that the Hawaiianized version of Prendergast is Penikalaka. I am looking for a site that will host a database that will give alternate names for historical people, like Armstrong is Limaikaika, or Lincoln McCandless is Lina or Linekona Eliwai, and so forth. It would also be ideal if people could add to this list with a citation of where they found the alternate name. This would make for better/easier research in Hawaiian-language material, not just in newspapers.


2 thoughts on “Speaking of Prendergast… 2013.

  1. That’s a really good idea to create a data base like that… keep us posted if anything comes together since I have a few names to add that I’ve found in the course of my research as well… mahalo for all your effort here, it is very much appreciated! ~Steve


  2. Kako’o! Its funny that you posted about L.L. McCandless. I am currently working on my genealogy so it is helpful to know other names for my great-grandfather. Mahalo.


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