Another stone kanoa, 1900.


Brought over by Jim Davis, the supercargo [kupakako] of the steamer Upolu, was a stone awa bowl that has a god image [kii akua] on its side. It is estimated to be 150 years old. This kanoa was found in the earth of Halikiki, Kona, Hawaii, a few feet underground. It was found when the land was being worked to plant coffee, and some people said there was a house foundation there in the olden days. There are many who say that a kanoa carved out of stone is very rare, and that most seen to this day are made from wood. This kanoa will be taken to the Bishop Museum after the one who it belongs to gives his consent.

[There was also this story on a stone kanoa at the Museum. And this did not i hear make its way to the Bishop Museum…]

(Aloha Aina, 6/9/1900, p. 6)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke VI, Helu 23, Aoao 6. Iune 9, 1900.

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