More on Queen Emma, Leleonalani, 1866.

Pertaining to Queen Leleonalani.—This past Saturday, our beloved Queen returned to her residence Rooke House, seaside of Kaopuaua; and there many people went to give gifts [hookupu], and give their warm aloha to her. There was great and numerous hookupu given to her. This past Friday, she left the stifling air of town and returned to her Home in the uplands [Hanaiakamalama], where they relaxed to the sweet call of the singing snails [pupukanioe], and her royal husband and their beloved child who left for the dark lands.

[Here is another example where the initial “Ka” or “Ke” in a distinctive name is left off. Whereas Queen Emma is usually known as “Kaleleonalani,” here she is called “Leleonalani.” This works just as long as there is no confusion as to what or who is being referred to.

Kaumualii = Umualii, Kawaiahao = Waiahao, Kamoiliili = Moiliili, &c., &c., &c.]

(Au Okoa, 11/5/1866, p. 2)

No ka Moiwahine Leleonalani.

Ke Au Okoa, Buke II, Helu 29, Aoao 2. Novemaba 5, 1866.

3 thoughts on “More on Queen Emma, Leleonalani, 1866.

  1. Queen Emma gave my GGGgrandmother, one of her favorites, the name Kapioleilanionalanielua, so it is interesting to read about the names Queen Emma had. You can see how she used similar connections to form other names.

  2. I’m looking for current heirs of Bella Kapioleilanionalanielua Holt Jones, wife of Elias Likolehua Jones, Sr., and mother of at least 8 children. I think she died Dec. 2, 1953 in Honolulu. She had a strange property at Palmyra Island in the Pacific, by a deed from Joseph Paku (Document No. 468 of the Land Court of Hawaii), which her current heirs may own shares of. I’m interested in buying shares.

    F. Lehmann, email: yottosteradian [AT] gmx [DOT] com

    • Aloha Mr F. Lehmann,
      My name is Heidi Kapioleilanionalanielua Thomas and my grandmother Greta Kapioleilanionalanielua Hegerfeldt is the daughter of Bella Kapioleilanionalanielua Jones. My mother Jamsie Kapioleilanionalanielua Herbert will be emailing you about this sometime this week. Her email is in case you don’t hear from her soon. Thank you and malama pono.
      p.s. I tried to use your email but it didn’t go through.

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