More on Don Blanding, 1939.

About Don Blanding

Don Blanding

Moses Company, Limited announced the arrival of plates decorated by this famous poet, Don Blanding, a they are being displayed in their store and are placed in one of their show windows. You can see the true value of his recollections. His abilities in painting is incomparable.

You can begin your collection of plates for $8.80. They are beautiful to look at, and can be used everyday.

Should you desire to see some of those plates, go to the book store of the Moses Company.

The flowers that are glazed on those plates are Hawaiian flowers and coral of the seas of Hawaii nei, and there are four different colors used on the plates; they being Blue, Pink, Reddish, and Yellow. Upon each plate is the name of that famous poet, that being Don Blanding. You are free to go and see these patterned plates.

Don Blanding is a very famous poet, and there are many poems composed by him about Hawaii, and he has written other mele.

The picture above is one of that expert in poetry, who has become a true friend to the Hawaiians, that is Don Blanding.

He calls himself the friend of the Hawaiian people, and he has composed mele of Hawaii nei, and some of the mele which he has written are being sung by the new generation of this time, and because of his desire and love for Hawaii nei, he has shown up here in the Paradise of the Pacific. He is here spending his free time in Kona, and he has said that the place he is most enraptured with is Kona.

He was in Hawaii several times in the past, and he spent time in the communities of Hawaii nei returning to America, and because of his unending delight with Hawaii nei, therefore, he came before us once again to spend time with the Hawaiians.

Don’t forget, if you want plates with the name of this man written on it, go to the Store of Moke, Kaupalenaia.

The Moses Co., Limited.

[It seems there is a following for his dinnerware. You can find a lot of examples of his work here.]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 6/14/1939, p. 1)

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIV, Number 7, Aoao 1. Iune 14, 1939.

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIV, Number 7, Aoao 1. Iune 14, 1939.

1 thought on “More on Don Blanding, 1939.

  1. There are various designs of Blanding’s chinaware, manufactured by Vernon Kilns in California. Most of them are stenciled (meaning that the motifs are mechanically reproduced) but one pattern was individually handpainted – by factory workers, not by Blanding himself. For this pattern, each plate has a single large tropical fish; the fish differ according to the size or type of plate.

    Don Blanding was a prolific writer, mostly of poetry, which he illustrated with his own artwork. Although he came originally from Oklahoma, he did truly love Hawaii, and lived here on & off, or visited, from 1915 up to his death in 1957.

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