Kamehameha Schools new year, 1947.

Students at Kamehameha

There are 24 children from Hawaii Island who are students at the Boys School, and their names are below:

Richard Akiona, Donald E. Auld, Edmund Char, Joseph Hao, Andrew Kahili, John Kalua, Charles L. Kama, Abe Kamakawiwoole, Herman Keala, William Keohuloa, Edward L. Kukahiko, Donald Lindsey, James Mersberg, Calvin K. Naipo, John Payne, John Peiper and Printon Pollack, Theodore Richardson, William Rondenhurst, Reider Smith, William Smith, Gustavus M. Supe, Kenneth Tamanaha and Clifford Victorine.

There are about 984 students in the three schools of Kamehameha; 329 at the primary school, and 59 of them have entered that school for the first time.

In the Girls’ School, there are 240, and 54 of them are new students. There is one student at the girls’ school from Niihau, and she is the first of the girls to enter that school from Niihau.

In the Boys’ School, there are 415 and 120 are new students. This is the greatest number of students in the schools of Kamehameha; it is 50 more students than the year past.

These are only children who are each of Hawaiian blood.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 10/1/1947, p. 1)

Na Haumana Ma Kamehameha

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XLI, Number 12, Aoao 1. Okatoba 1, 1947.



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