Republicans and Hawaiians, 1902.


Mr. Editor: Please give me a column in the fearless spokesmen of the lahui.

I am very regretful should you be a true Hawaiian, being that I always see in our newspapers of the mother tongue you announcing to the far and wide of the Archipelago, “Let Us be Republican.”

Do you not know the one who overthrew the monarchy? Do you not know the “head” of those who overthrew the government? Do you not know the desire of the people you support to obliterate us Hawaiians, and that this is verified from Governor Dole’s very own mouth? Do you not know the great desire of the Republicans to limit our voting power which was corroborated by the Governor in Boston by him saying: “We demand that the whites be supported and the native Hawaiians put down.’ ‘Ke kauoha nei makou e kakooia ka poe keokeo a e kulai a kuaia na kanaka Hawaii ilalo.”

Should you truly understand these questions and their answers, then you, O Joe Kalana wear the striped black uniform of the hypocrite, the brown nose, the liar, and the traitor, much worse than that of Benedict Arnold. He was the gentleman and famous general of the United States of America who who wore his old uniform with medals hanging from his chest, but under his military uniform was the black-striped uniform of the traitor to his country, his President, his land, and his beloved flag, known to all from this side to that side, to the four corners of the world.

Should you not understand these things that were done, come see me, and I will explain it to you, and because of my great feeling of regret for you, I ask you. Why do you flee from the Aloha Aina party and turn and support the Republicans? Why do you think it will help me and not the party you are always praising? With these peppers,¹ O my own flesh, I am done, aloha kaua.


¹Nioi figuratively represent controversial or important problems.

(Aloha Aina, 6/14/1902, p. 2)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke VIII, Helu 24, Aoao 2. Iune 14, 1902.

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