Alapaki Smith for auditor, 1928.



An expert in all types of books; he can care for all the finances of the county being that this is the office which watches over all the money of the county. He is conscientious in all ways and is fearful of dishonesty.

I worked with the American Factors Company for a number of years, in the tax department for a number of years, and a number of years doing the books for banks from the side of the government, and that is what I am currently doing; therefore I am fully capable in all aspects. Lift up this Hawaiian youth for the pride of the Hawaiian people.

[I think the inscription on the picture reads: “Announcing my candidacy for the Republican nomination for Auditor. Alapaki Smith.” And there is “Post” written in another hand on the right side.]

(Alakai o Hawaii, 10/4/1928, p. 4)


Ke Alakai o Hawaii, Buke 1, Helu 23, Aoao 4. Okatoba 4, 1928.

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