Escaped coconut crab, 1877.

[Found under: “NA ANOAI.”]

Last we we were shown by Kalua, a coconut-eating crab, which he found in the yard of the Senior Alii C. Kanaina, in a deep hole dug into the earth. Its whole appearance is strange indeed. Its legs are huge, and its pincers are scary to look at, and its whole body is remarkable. Where did it come from? It is said that in the days of the beginning of the year 1876, a ship landed from Tahiti with some women from that land, and they had with them two of this type of crab. When they arrived in Hawaii nei, one of the crabs disappeared; it was searched for but to no avail, and it is believed that this is that crab. This is perhaps the first time that this kind of crab was found here in Hawaii nei.

[The news from the other day reminded me of this article from over a hundred years ago. Back then, it wasn’t as clear the destruction that foreign species cause to natives. Today we should know better. Please don’t bring in things that don’t belong here.]

(Lahui Hawaii, 1/25/1876, p. 3)

I kela pule aku nei...

Ka Lahui Hawaii, Buke III, Helu 4, Aoao 3. Ianuari 25, 1877.

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