Coconut crab in Hawaii, 1897.

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Willie Nott is the proud possessor of one large coconut crab and four hermit crabs, and he is at a loss to know what to do with them.

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 7/27/1897, p. 7)

Willie Nott...

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XXVI, Number 4670, Page 7. July 27, 1897.

Escaped coconut crab, 1877.

[Found under: “NA ANOAI.”]

Last we we were shown by Kalua, a coconut-eating crab, which he found in the yard of the Senior Alii C. Kanaina, in a deep hole dug into the earth. Its whole appearance is strange indeed. Its legs are huge, and its pincers are scary to look at, and its whole body is remarkable. Where did it come from? Continue reading