Naniloa Hotel to be sold? 1945.

[Found under: “NA MEAHOU O KE AO NEI”]


It was announced by a newspaper in Honolulu that the Naniloa Hotel was just sold off for a sum of $300,000, being bought by someone from Honolulu that has not been named.

When W. D. Childs heard of this news, he said that it was not true. The hotel remains under their control, and it is true that a person from Honolulu wanted to arrange a purchase of the hotel, but those negotiations did not work out.

Therefore, the news in the Honolulu paper about the selling of the Naniloa Hotel was misguided.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 10/17/1945, p. 1)

Paewa Ka Pilina

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume LX, Number 21 [23], Aoao 1. Okatoba 17, 1945.

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