Naniloa Hotel to be sold? 1945.

[Found under: “NA MEAHOU O KE AO NEI”]


It was announced by a newspaper in Honolulu that the Naniloa Hotel was just sold off for a sum of $300,000, being bought by someone from Honolulu that has not been named.

When W. D. Childs heard of this news, he said that it was not true. The hotel remains under their control, and it is true that a person from Honolulu wanted to arrange a purchase of the hotel, but those negotiations did not work out.

Therefore, the news in the Honolulu paper about the selling of the Naniloa Hotel was misguided.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 10/17/1945, p. 1)

Paewa Ka Pilina

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume LX, Number 21 [23], Aoao 1. Okatoba 17, 1945.

George Kainapau, singer from Hilo, 1944.

Arrived Here in Hilo

Last week, a youth from the Kanilehua rains arrived, that being George Kainapau to Hilo nei, to spend some days here in the land of his birth, and in the afternoon of the following Monday he left for Honolulu.

This was not a child coming home to visit his parents living there, for they passed away many years ago, and their children are who remain.

When we saw that youth, we recalled our first choir leader, Harry Naope, because this youth, George Kainapau was one of the members of the Haili choir in 1927.

He is a youngster with a very good voice for singing. His voice is like the voice of a woman singing. Continue reading

Annabelle Koomeauluokalani Todd to wed Everette Wayne Evans, 1941.

TO BE MARRIED: Miss Annabelle Todd, the daughter of Mrs. Eliza Todd and Albert Walter Todd who passed earlier, of Hilo; it was just announced that she was engaged to Everette Wayne Evans of Honolulu. Continue reading

Naniloa Hotel in Hilo opens, 1940.

Naniloa Hotel

In the evening of this past Saturday, the New Hotel of Hilo nei, the “Naniloa Hotel” [Hokele Naniloa] opened officially. During that time, the musical group of Ray Kinney performed the music for the opening. Something great in that performance of music to dedicate and entertain, was the singing of the mele that was composed for the hotel. Mrs. Eliza K. Osorio was the one who performed the song with her singers. Continue reading

Naniloa Hotel opens, 1940.


A Warm Invitation Is Extended To All To Come And Tour The Naniloa Hotel, The New Most Beautiful Home And Most Modern, Anytime Until Friday, February 23, From 1 P. M. Until 9 P. M. Daily.

[It seems that the Naniloa Hotel, brand new in 1940 is being renovated today!]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 2/21/1940, p. 2)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIV, Number 43, Page 2. Feberuari 21, 1940.

Bella Luana and Annie Lana Bohling, 1940.

The Bohling Sisters


This Picture is by Oue Studio, Kealakekua

Bella Luana and Annie Lana. They are some of the members of the Bohling Group who will perform twice in the concert this week here in Hilo, on Friday night, along with the Hawaii County Band [ka Bana Kalana o Hawaii] at Mooheau Park and at the Naniloa Hotel on Saturday night.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/18/1940, p. 1)

Na Hoahanau Mahoe

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXV, Number 34, Aoao 1. Dekemaba 18, 1940.


Henry Nalaielua on KHBC, 1940.

Talking on KHBC


The one who will give short announcements when they air from the Naniloa Hotel on Saturday, December 21, during the entertainment in the program given by the Bohlings, and brought to you by the Hoku o Hawaii. Mr. Nalaielua will speak in “gibberish” (English) and the language pleasant to the ear to hear, that being our mother tongue, the Hawaiian language.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/18/1940, p. 1)

Kamailio ana ma ka KHBC

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXV, Number 34, Aoao 1. Dekemaba 18, 1940.

Musical Group, The Bohling Sisters, 1940.

The Five Bohling Sisters

Photograph by Oue Studio, Kealakekua

This group of skilled sisters will appear with their musicians and sing and hula at a concert with the Hawaii County Band [Bana Kalana o Hawaii] on Friday, December 20th, and at the Naniloa Hotel, Hilo, on Saturday, December 21, while being broadcast on KHBC.

Beginning from the left are the sisters: Hattie, Carrie Leialoha, Charlotte, Annie Lana and Bella Luana. Carrie Leialoha and Annie Lana are twins and are playing special.

[Anyone have any information on this musical family? Charlotte Bohling wrote a regular column for the Hoku o Hawaii reporting the news from Kona.]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/11/1940, p. 1)

Na Hoahanau Elima A Bohling

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXV, Number 33, Page 1. Dekemaba 11, 1940

Entrance exams for Kamehameha Schools, 1941.




Tuesday, April 15, 1941—2:30 p. m.


Saturday, April 19, 1941—9:30 a. m.


C. G. Banning, Agent for the Kamehameha Schools will be available at the Naniloa Hotel from April 10 until the 21st.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 4/9/1941, p. 2)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XXXV, Helu 50, Aoao 2. Aperila 9, 1941.