George Kainapau, singer from Hilo, 1944.

Arrived Here in Hilo

Last week, a youth from the Kanilehua rains arrived, that being George Kainapau to Hilo nei, to spend some days here in the land of his birth, and in the afternoon of the following Monday he left for Honolulu.

This was not a child coming home to visit his parents living there, for they passed away many years ago, and their children are who remain.

When we saw that youth, we recalled our first choir leader, Harry Naope, because this youth, George Kainapau was one of the members of the Haili choir in 1927.

He is a youngster with a very good voice for singing. His voice is like the voice of a woman singing.

While he was living in Hilo, he took a ship captain touring to Kilauea. He sang some Hawaiian songs and the captain was enthralled in the beauty of this boy’s voice, and he was taken aboard the ship to travel to San Francisco.

After that, he was taken to America by Solomon Hoopii, and there he became famous for his singing, and thereafter he joined Ray Kinney’s singing group which lately came back to Hawaii where they put on some concerts at the Naniloa Hotel.

They then went back to America after their concerts here in Hawaii. After that, he returned to beloved Hawaii and lived in Honolulu. He is now singing with the singing group of Perry of Honolulu, and his singing will be heard on the radio [Hawaii Calls].

This Hawaiian boy will become someone who makes tiny Hawaii famous with this singing.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 7/5/1944, p. 1)

Hoea Maila i Hilo Nei

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIX, Number 11, Aoao 1. Iulai 5, 1944.

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