Naniloa Hotel in Hilo opens, 1940.

Naniloa Hotel

In the evening of this past Saturday, the New Hotel of Hilo nei, the “Naniloa Hotel” [Hokele Naniloa] opened officially. During that time, the musical group of Ray Kinney performed the music for the opening. Something great in that performance of music to dedicate and entertain, was the singing of the mele that was composed for the hotel. Mrs. Eliza K. Osorio was the one who performed the song with her singers.

After the singing, various people were called forward to give short speeches about the hotel. The one who stood to speak was Senator W. H. Hill. One of those who were called and spoke was Governor Poindexter. It was not just men who stood to speak, but women spoke as well. These people came from all over the Territory.

Those who arrived there that night were the officers and the section heads of the hotel and their wives. After the opening, a dance was held.

This is a very lovely hotel. Those who came to see it were shown the true beauty of the interior of this new hotel. Before the actual opening, there were some people who stayed at this home. Some of the rooms were reserved in advance. One modern thing is that in every room there is a telephone. Should you need something, you are able to tell what you want to the office.

The dining room is a spacious room that can hold a great number of people going there to dine. Another new feature in this hotel is that there are two rooms for newlyweds to stay. These are rooms that are unlike any other. They are fit for the youth of the future. They are just so lovely.

To one side there is a separate building; set apart are the entertainment and rest rooms, and the room for drinking is separate, and they are on the second floor; the dining room is on the first floor.

The hotel rooms are to one side and the lobby and dining room and bar are separate. Both of these sections are two story high.

From what is understood, this hotel will be visited by many tourists, and locals as well.

If you are sitting in the lobby on the far makai side of the hotel facing the ocean, you can see all of the ships coming in, and can turn to see Kuhio Wharf [uwapo Kuhio].

“Hilo is moving up and moving forward.”

[Everyone knows the Royal Hawaiian song, but might anyone know how the song for the Naniloa goes?]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 2/28/1940, p. 1)

Hokele Naniloa

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIV, Number 44, Aoao 1. Feberuari 28, 1940.

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