More on David Kahalepouli Piikoi, Poomaikalani, &c., &c., 1874.



Disappeared are the whereabouts and the descendants of some of those alii.

Keawe dwelt with Kalanikauleleiaiwi, begat was Keeaumoku Nui (m).

Keeaumoku Nui dwelt with Kamakaimoku, begat was Keoua (m).

Keoua dwelt with Kekuiapoiwa 2, begat Kepookalani who dwelt with Nune, begat was Piianaia (m).

Piianaia dwelt with Keakaokalani, begat was Kikiakoi (m).

Keawe (m) dwelt with Lonomaikanaka (f), begat was Kalaninuiiamamao (m).

Kalaninuiiamamao dwelt with Kamakaimoku (f), begat was Kalaniopuu (m).

Kalaniopuu dwelt with Ahia (f), begat was Kekuehoa (f).

Kekuehoa dwelt with Kamahinakauloa (m), begat was Kaiakauilani (f).

Kaiakauilani dwelt with Puumahiole (m), begat was Haumea (m).

Haumea dwelt with Paaluhi, begat was Pauli, who recently died. Pauli dwelt with Wakeki with no issue.

Ahu-a-I dwelt with Piilaniwahine, begat was Lonomaikanaka.

Lonomaikanaka dwelt with Hulu, begat were Kauhiakaka and Kekahimoku and Kealowakea.

Kauhiakaka dwelt with Keawe, begat was Kekaulike.

Kekaulike dwelt with Kepoomahoe, begat was Kalanikauleleiaiwi 2.

Kalanikauleleiaiwi 2 dwelt with Kanekoa, begat was Poomaikalani.

Poomaikalani dwelt with Laakea, begat were Kuhio and Unualoha.

Kuhio dwelt with Kinoiki, begat Kapiolani, Kapooloku, and Kinoiki.

Kinoiki dwelt with Kahalepouli, begat was Kawananakoa.

Unualoha dwelt with Kaikainalii, begat were Kepookalani and Apikaila.

Apikaila dwelt with Maikai, begat was Ikuwa.

Kepookalani dwelt with Keoni Miki [John Meek], begat was Keoni Miki Jr.

Keawe dwelt with Kalanikauleleiaiwi, begat was Keeaumoku Nui.

Keeaumoku Nui dwelt with Kailakanoa, begat was Kanekoa.

Kanekoa dwelt with Kalanikauleleiaiwi 2, begat was Poomaikalani.

Poomaikalani dwelt with Laakea, begat was Kuhio.

Kuhio dwelt with Kinoiki, begat was Kapiolani.

Kapiolani dwelt with Kalakaua with no issue.

(Refer to earlier issues).

Kekahimoku dwelt with Keaweiaopelu, begat were Kaoo, Koiileolani, and Hoohia.

Kaoo dwelt with Kamakaheikuli, begat was Kalailua.

Kalailua dwelt with Keaweimoku, begat was Haaheo Kaniu.

Haaheo Kaniu dwelt with Kuakini, begat was Kamanele. No descendants remain.

Koiileolani dwelt with Kauwahine, begat was Unauna.

Unauna dwelt Kilioe, begat were Koiileolani, Unauna, and Kaniu, Kulokuloku, and Malaea.

(Refer to the earlier issues.)

Kalanikauleleiaiwi dwelt with Kalaniwahiikamoku, begat was Kalaiuwohi.

Kalaiuwohi dwelt with Kaiwi, begat was Kauaahi, of Lahaina.

Keawe dwelt with Kalanikauleleiaiwi, begat was Kekuiapoiwa Nui.

Kekuiapoiwa Nui dwelt with Kekaulike, begat was Kamehameha Nui.

Kamehameha Nui dwelt with Manuhaaipo, begat was Kalaniulumoku.

Kalaniulumoku dwelt with Kualii, begat was Loeau the first.

Loeau dwelt with Koakanu, begat was Liliha.

Liliha dwelt with Kalani, begat was Loeau the latter, who recently died.

Loeau dwelt with Kale, begat was Paki. (This is not Paki, the husband of Konia.)

Liliha dwelt with Kamaile, begat Koakanu, now residing on Kauai, Maheha and Kailinaoa.

Koakanu dwelt with Beke, with or perhaps withou issue.

Maheha dwelt with Keaupuni, begat was Keano.

Liliha dwelt with Haalou, begat was Kiliwehi, who has died, and Pelekaluhi.

(Not concluded.)

[This is a from a series that runs in the Nuhou Hawaii.]

(Nuhou Hawaii, 1/6/1874, p. 3)


Ka Nuhou Hawaii, Buke I, Helu 10, Aoao 3. Ianuari 6, 1874.


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