Korean National Association 7th Anniversary, 1915.


This past Monday the Korean People observed their annual  celebration for the seventh anniversary of the establishment of the Korean National Association [Ahahui Lahui Korea] in Hawaii nei; there was a march in the afternoon, and in the parade of that day there were several hundreds of children who also joined in. The parade began from their compound at eleven o’clock, went down Beretania Street, up Miller Street, down Punchbowl Street back to their compound at the corner of Punchbowl and Beretania, the former grounds of the theology school Pacific H. T. Institute.

There were about a thousand Koreans who joined in on this parade, made up of men, women, and children. There were several hundreds of Korean youths in their military uniforms carrying rifles on their shoulders and the band played along with the marching of the soldiers.

There was a meeting of representatives held by the Koreans all of last week in their compound on Punchbowl Street; there were twenty-four representatives from the various sugarcane plantations from the different islands that met and chose the new leaders for the coming year. These below are the chosen leaders:

C. H. Kim, president; H. K. Shin, vice president; W. K. Park, administrative head; secretary and treasurer, Jay M. Han. There were speeches and some songs given from all who were gathered there on that day, from those observing to the members of the organization themselves.

From what was said about the organization, they are advancing greatly in their undertaking and they are highly esteemed for their unity and efforts in work to grow and benefit the association.

(Kuokoa, 2/5/1915, p. 5)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LIII, Helu 6, Aoao 5. Feberuari 5, 1915.

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