The new Kaumakapili Church, 1911.


Tomorrow, Sunday, the new church of Kaumakapili that stands at the corner of King Street and Asylum Road will be consecrated. This is a beautiful church built by the Lucas Brothers [Hoahanau Luka].

According to plans, the Rev. W. N. Lono and Rev. Parker, are the makua that will conduct the consecration. The choir will sing some old songs.

Something great that will be witnessed that day will be the hearing of the ringing of the bell of the first church of Kaumakapili which stood on Beritania Street. The bell was forged in 1840 by Mr. Henry Hooper, and that same year it was brought to Hawaii nei and placed in the steeple of Kaumakapili.

When the second Kaumakapili was built at the same location, this bell was used for meetings. When this church was consumed by fire in 1900, this bell was taken to Maemae Church where it was used until it was brought back to this new Kaumakapili Church. S. M. Kanakanui, a member of the board of trustees, will be the one ringing the bell this Sunday.

(Aloha Aina, 6/24/1911, p. 1)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke XVI, Helu 25, Aoao 1. Iune 24, 1911.


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