Curious mele, 1892.


Lohe mai au ulalaeho
Me Kahikina oe ulalaeho
Kahi niniau ai alalaeho
A niniau iho ulalaeho
O kou mau ia ulalaeho
A e ike ia nei ulalaeho
O ka holo mamua ulalaeho
Haule hope ai ulalaeho
Hawaii hope ai ulalaeho
Heaha keia ulalaehe
Kahikina Kelekona ulalaeho
Ua eha ke poo ulalaeho
Ke kulou nei ulalaeho
I ke koa wiwo ole ulalaeho
Ka Leo o ka Lahui ulalaeho
Heaha kou mai ulalaeho
E wilinau nei ulalaeho
E inu paakai ulalaeho
I pau ko lena ulalaeho

[I am not sure what this complaint against John G. M. Sheldon is about.]

(Leo o ka Lahui, 11/21/1892, p. 4)


Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 586, Aoao 4. Novemaba 21, 1892.


2 thoughts on “Curious mele, 1892.

  1. An interesting follow up is that just a few months after the critiques of Kelekona as Minister of FInance, the overthrow occurred. Within 10 days, Kelekona was hauled before a committee on charges of inciting unrest. As editor of the Holomua (1893 Holomua not on web) he had called on “The descendants of the ʻI, the Mahi and the Palena” to pray to God. It was misunderstood by some as a call to arms. S. Dole apparently clarified the reference and Kelekona was released with a warning. Tempestuous times.

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