Road construction, 1848.

[Found under: “Na Palapala Maoli.”]

Kahalii, Hilo, October 2, 1848.

This is news from Waipio, in Hamakua, there is a Government road. The cliff of Waipio was carved into, and there is what appears to be a fine road, not from the people of old, not from Liloa, from Hakau, from Umi, from Kamehameha I; but it is from the reign of Kamehameha III in which the bad areas were fixed.

This project was started from Pueohulunui all the way to Koaekea, and it reached to the top of the cliff of Kahuahine, and came out below Waimihi.

There are three new noted places [pana] on this road: Puehu, Pohakalae, and Kamaipualo; a man and his Horse can travel from below, as well as oxen with a load of poi on its back, until the reach the top; The people of Waipio are beloved; they made a fine road that is nice looking, like a Nuhekalawela; their Tax Collector [Lunaauhau], Kapau put in effort, and all the bad areas were worked out; Hilo is the land that is bad that has not been worked on; people go to Hamakua, to Puna, but the cliffs of Hilo have not been dug up; let’s dig up the cliffs. With appreciation,

By E. S. Kalauwaka.

(Elele Hawaii, 10/24/1848, p. 37)

Kahalii, Hilo...

Ka Elele Hawaii, Buke 4, Pepa 10, Aoao 37. Okatoba 24, 1848.


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