Shark attack, 1874.

Fight with a Fish.—While a party of native fishermen were in the sea at Waikiki, a shark attacked one of them, seizing his thumb, and in extricating it from the shark’s jaw, the flesh was stripped clean off from the third joint to the tip of the thumb, leaving the bones bare. The fish was then chased by the party of fishermen, but instead to steering for the open sea, again attacked the man whose hand he had bitten, in this instance seizing him by the thigh, and inflicting two horrible gashes, from which it will take weeks for him to recover. The fishermen beat the infuriated shark so lustily with their paddles that they soon killed him, and dragged him ashore, where the old wonded man ordered that he be burnt, which was done.

(Hawaiian Gazette, 5/20/1874, p. 3)

Fight with a Fish.

The Hawaiian Gazette, Volume X, Number 20, Page 3. May 20, 1874.

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