What may have seemed a good idea at the time…, 1883.

[Found under: “NEWS OF THE WEEK.”]

Mr. W. H. Purvis, proprietor of the Pacific Sugar Mill and Plantation at Kukuihaele, Hawaii, who arrived in this city per Zealandia, after having completed a tour around the world, brings seven mongooses from India and Africa, and will introduce them on his place on Hawaii. Mr. Purvis has had an opportunity of observing just what the mongoose will do in its native home, and says that it will not molest poultry or come about the premises where people live to disturb anything, but has a perfectly insatiable appetite for killing rats. These are the first mongooses ever brought to these Islands and in all probability they will increase rapidly and prove very useful in destroying all kinds of small vermin.

[One thing is true, they sure did increase rapidly.]

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 9/29/1883, p. 5)

Mr. W. H. Purvis...

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XXVIII, Number 14, Page 5. September 28, 1883.

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