Carl Nakuina’s shark attack news spreads far to Utah, 1917.


HONOLULU, T. H., Aug. 30 (by mail).—Honolulu has probably the only man who was ever bitten by a shark in an automobile. If the sentence appears confused, it is nevertheless correct, for both the man and the shark were in the automobile at the time.

Carl Nakuina, an employee of a local poi factory, went to Nanakuli, on the shores of this island, last Sunday to fish. He had bigger luck than he anticipated in, for he hooked a twelve-foot shark.

After a long struggle Nakuina got the monster near enough to the shore to be able to send a bullet into its head. The shark turned belly-up, apparently a perfect dead shark.

Nakuina and two companions proceeded to load the shark into an automobile with the intention of bringing it to Honolulu as proof of their piscatorial prowess. The two others stood on the ground and shoved the shark head first into the tonneau, while Nakuina, in the machine, pulled.

Just as the animal was nearly into the machine, it opened its huge jaws and snapped them shut again—with Nakuina’s arm between. The arm was badly lacerated, the flesh being partly stripped from the bone. Nakuina was rushed to the city and his wounds were dressed at the emergency hospital.

(Ogden Standard, 9/11/1917, p. 10)


The Ogden Standard, Forty-second Year, Number 216, Page 10. September 11, 1917.

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