May Day, Honokaa style, 1942.

[Found under: “Meahou O Na Kohala Ame Hamakua”]

At the Park of Honokaa High School in the morning of thr coming Friday, that being the 1st of May, called May Day and Lei Day, will be held a celebration of LEI DAY.

That man famous for his musical compositions who came to Hilo some years ago, named Don Blanding, is the one who pushed the idea of saying Lei Day along with May Day. His idea for this day was for everyone across the islands to wear a lei, for the reason that lei in Hawaii, lei symbolize—”ALOHA.”

This (haole) man lives in Florida, on the eastern side of the United States. He joined the armed forces. He had much aloha for Hawaii and the Hawaiians because of the aloha and kindness of the Hawaiians he grew to know, that he lived among, ate with, and associated.

He was a writer, and he wrote several things on Hawaii nei, and other places in this archipelago.

Dr. C. L. Carter will speak on some things in place of Don Blanding.

The news correspondent of Hamakua, Mrs. Reinhardt, will oversee and guide the activities of the day, as shown on the Program.

In a separate column on this page appears the program of activities to be held on that day.

[See here for an earlier post of the program for that day. Also check out what was happening on the same day in Hilo!]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 4/29/1942, p. 4)

E malama ia ana ma ka Pa-ka...

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXVII, Number 1, Aoao 4. Aperila 29, 1942.


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