Easter Sunday in Honokaa, 1942.

News of the Kohala Districts and Hamakua

HONOKAA:—Just like the news announced last week in the Hoku o Hawaii, the Easter events were carried out at the church of Honokaa by the Rev. Abraham Poepoe.

The church was decorated with Calla and Easter lily flowers by the meticulous hands of Ramona Poepoe and Bertha Herrman. At the hour of 10:30, the church bell rang. The church goers gathered in the church. It was filled with soldiers, haole from the sugarcane plantations, the children of the Sunday School, and some Japanese Christians as well as Hawaiians. The services held that day were beautiful. “Awe inspiring and filled with the spirit of God.”

Easter day was a very nice day here in the Hamakua district and the dawning of this Monday. This is a rainy day, and this is a humid day. However, praised always is God. He knows that it is good for there to be rain and fog these days of war.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 4/8/1942, p. 1)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXVI, Number 42, Aoao 1. Aperila 8, 1942.


Mother’s Day at Honokaa Union Church, 1942.

[Found under: “Meahou O Na Kohala Ame Hamakua.”]

This past Sunday was the “Day of Mothers.” A commemoration was held at the Union Church of Honokaa by the Rev. Abraham Poepoe and Lloyd Davis of Kohala.

Jocelin Poepoe sang the song “Mother” and Poepoe [? Abraham] played the piano. There was a trio with Poepoe, Mrs. Reinhardt and Mrs. Victoria Braun, singing “O Iesu Kuu Mea e Ola’i,” and Mrs. Lloyd Davis sang “Love Never Faileth,” and Mrs. Victoria Braun played the piano.

[This was found in the regular column written by Hattie Linohaupuaokekoolau Saffery Reinhardt on news from North and South Kohala and Hamakua.]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 5/13/1942, p. 1)

Ma keia sabati iho ka "La o Na Makuahine."...

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXVII, Number 3, Aoao 1. Mei 13, 1942.

May Day, Honokaa style, 1942.

[Found under: “Meahou O Na Kohala Ame Hamakua”]

At the Park of Honokaa High School in the morning of thr coming Friday, that being the 1st of May, called May Day and Lei Day, will be held a celebration of LEI DAY.

That man famous for his musical compositions who came to Hilo some years ago, named Don Blanding, is the one who pushed the idea of saying Lei Day along with May Day. His idea for this day was for everyone across the islands to wear a lei, for the reason that lei in Hawaii, lei symbolize—”ALOHA.” Continue reading

Hattie L. S. Reinhardt runs for representative as a Democrat, 1944.



I give my thanks once again for your votes and support to elect me as the Woman Representative Candidate for the district of East Hawaii.

I stand before You, Hattie Linohaupuaokekoolau Saffery Reinhardt, the Hawaiian woman Candidate for Representative as a Democrat. Therefore, please once again give me the Greatest votes so that I may become a spokesperson and someone to watch over the Legislature, if I win in the General Election [la koho Balota Nui], 7th of November, 1944.

Mahalo Nui,

Mrs. Hattie L. S. Reinhardt,


(Hoku o Hawaii, 10/18/1944, p. 2)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIX, Number 25, Aoao 2. Okatoba 18, 1944.

Hawaiian Women’s Association, 1940.


Mrs. Reinhardt

The meeting of the Hawaiian Women’s Association [Hui o na Wahine Hawaii] in the reception room of the Honokaa Union Church [Halepule Uniona] in the afternoon of this coming Thursday, at three o’clock in the evening. Considered will be idea of the members helping to make Sweaters, etc. for the Red Cross [Hui Kea Ulaula]. The Pres. of this Club is Mrs. Camela Keliipio Herman, the sister of Isaaka Keliipio of Hilo. The Secretary is Mrs. Victoria Low Braunn, the Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Low of Pepeekeo. Continue reading