Clarence E. Edwords comes to Hawaii, 1896.

A Literary Visitor.

Dr. Clarence E. Edwords, managing editor and owner of the Journal of Kansas City, Missouri, is representing a syndicate of United States newspapers, including the New York Herals, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Times, and St. Louis Globe Democrat. He has taken numerous trips for these papers, his most extended one being four years in Yucatan. This doctor is a writer of some note being the author of several books, his best being “The Camp-fires of a Naturalist,” giving the history of his trips and his studies of Natural History. He was sent by the United States Ethnological Bureau among the Indians and as a result he is is considered the best authority on Indian mysticism and religion in the United States. He intends making an exhaustive study of our native legends with special reference to the old mysticism and religions and contemplates a book on the results of his investigations which will be in the pleasing form of a novel rather than a bureau report. In addition to his more heavy literary work, Dr. Edwords has also published a volume of poems, entitled “Fallen Leaves.” He is also an amateur photographer and illustrates his letters and books with his own pictures. The doctor will remain on the islands several weeks, making the Hawaiian hotel his headquarters.

(Evening Bulletin, 5/13/1896, p. 7)

A Literary Visitor.

Evening Bulletin, Volume I, Number 303, Page 7. May 13, 1896.

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