Response to Clarence E. Edwords, 1896.


Truthful Presentation of the Prediction that will Come True.

In the English language Independent newspaper of this past Saturday there was seen an letter written by Clarence E. Edwords and published in the Kansas City Journal of the Kansas County in the State of Missouri, United States of America, and it was taken from that paper and printed here. This Clarence E. Edwords is a newspaper editor and a political leader for the Republican party, and he was one of the delegates to the convention at Saint Louis [Sana Lui] to select a Presidential candidate. He recently appeared before us, and what he stated of his thoughts, he saw and heard for himself. He and his wife were welcomed into the crowd of our saintly ones, and after their [the saintly ones] tale telling [palau ana] was over, then they [Mr. and Mrs. Edwords] were shown by the friends of the lahui’s side the true situation of what was done and what is being done.

His thoughts was one of the most truthful seen for a long time pertaining to the “Hawaiian Situation” here, and under the title about was his thoughts published; and although he is an American Republican, he was brave in his announcing his true thoughts before the people of his land. Because of the extreme length of that letter, Ka Makaainana cannot translate it all, but we will take of his explanation pertaining to the

Return of the Monarch,

and we will put aside most of it for later, when there is sufficient time to translate it. This is what he said:

“The members of the present government are not as blind to the situation as they appear. When the queen was robbed of her throne and and her means of living at the same time, it would seem that common justice should have given her a pension; but the government refused to do anything of the sort. They realized, however, that they were on dangerous ground and proceeded to provide a means of safety.

“The queen was imprisoned…

(Makaainana, 7/13/1896, p. 1)


Ka Makaainana, Buke VI—-Ano Hou, Helu 2, Aoao 1. Iulai 13,1896.

…on charges of treason, and while under duress was forced to abdicate (abandoning for good her right to the throne). According to the monarchical constitution the reigning soverign names his or her successor (heir), and following this rule the queen had named her niece Princess Kaiulani, as heir to the throne. The Princess, Miss Cleghorn, is well-off in this world’s goods, yet at the same sitting of the legislature which refused to pension the queen, a bill was passed granting to the Princess Kaiulani $4,000. It was what a politician might call a very “smooth” piece of work. If abdication under duress could be held as legal, then Kaiulani is the legal sovereign of the islands. If the present government gets ousted and the monarchy re-established, Kaiulani will rule, and those who so generously donated other people’s money expect to be graciously remembered by the new queen.

In short, it is pretty well understood just now that the republican form of government under existing conditions on the Hawaiian Islands is a failure, and the men who are now at the head of the government hope, by putting Kaiulani on the throne, to save themselves and their property and avert the disaster of overthrow, which they realize is bound to come.

But they reckon without their host. The Hawaiians are not illiterate savages. Neither are they heathens. With all the boasted educational facilities of the United States the percentage of illiteracy is much higher here (the United States of America) than on the islands. Strange as it may seem, there is but 1 percent of the natives who are illiterate. Go to the rudest hut, made of grass and occupied by fisherman, and you will find that they take and read the native paper. They not only read, but they think. They are honest and resent dishonesty in others. The natives will not be appeased by a re-establishment of the monarchy with Kaiulani on the throne. Nor would Princess Kaiulani accept the throne so long as Queen Liliuokalani is alive. The queen is still the queen to her people and they not only honor her, but love her, and treat her with as much difference and respect to-day as at any time during her reign.

 This simply means that when the change comes, and come it will as sure as the islands remain, Queen Liliuokalani will be on the throne, not through any effort of design of her own, but by the expressed will of a vast majority of the people of the islands. I say this advisedly. The queen will take no part in any attempt to recover the government. She is willing to sacrifice herself and her interests for the good of her people, but will under no consideration jeopardize the welfare of her people for her own benefit. She has persistently refused to  counsel with those who desire a change and has kept in seclusion that is painful to her friends.”

The words in parentheses [apo] are ours.

(Makaainana, 7/13/1896, p. 8) kumu hoopii no ke kipi...

Ka Makaainana, Buke VI—-Ano Hou, Helu 2, Aoao 8. Iulai 13,1896.

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