Francis Sinclair dies, 1916.


Francis Sinclair [? Gay], owner with his brother of the Island of Niihau, planter, rancher, author and poet, died on July 22, inst. in the Isle of Jersey, England, at the age of eighty-three. He was well-known in Hawaii to kamaainas of two and three decades ago.

 He was for many years a resident of Hawaii, coming here in 1863 with his brother, from New Zealand, in a small vessel which they had purchased and with which they cruised in the South Seas for some considerable time.

After residing in the Islands a short time Francis Sinclair and his brother purchased the Island of Niihau, northwest of Kauai. Ownership of the island is still held in the Sinclair family, which has quite a number of members in the Islands and particularly in Kauai.

During later years Mr. Sinclair resided in London, England, devoting his time to literary work. Among his works are “Ballads and Poems From the Pacific,” “Under Western Skies” and “From the Four Winds,” in addition to which he published a number of other short stories and poems, mostly dealing with the Pacific and Hawaii.

He is survived by a widow, a sister, one daughter, and many other relatives, both here and abroad. Three of his daughters married men who became prominent in the life and industries of the Islands—Mrs. Knudsen, mother of former Senator Eric A. Knudsen, mother of former Senator Eric A. Knudsen of Kauai, and the elder Mrs. Gay, and Mrs. Robinson.

(Hawaiian Gazette, 9/8/1916, p. 3)


The Hawaiian Gazette, Volume IX, Number 74, Page 3. September 8, 1916.

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