Huge octopus caught by Anina, 1908.


On Thursday afternoon at the pier on the makai end of Allen Street, a large octopus was caught on hook by a part-Chinese boy named Anina.

While he was fishing enjoyably, he felt the pull of something and he thought it was an ulua. It pulled at his line for a long time, and because he could not pull it up, he called some people to come and help him for he was very worried that he would be pulled under. He had no concern about the line because he was using very heavy line with a hook that would not break.

When several people arrived, he was helped at pulling it up to land.

The hee was taken to a scale standing near by, and when it was weighed, it was found to weigh twelve pounds. It was eight feet long from the end of one leg [awe] to the other.

According to a witness that was the largest hee that he saw caught by hook and line at the harbor, and that it was the first time he saw a hee caught by hook and line.

It was almost a year ago, and some people will remember the story, that a large hee was caught at the harbor that weighed twenty or more pounds; it however was not caught on hook and line, but with a spear and torch at night, near the Healani boat house.

After the strong Kona winds in 1902, there was found a part of a octopus leg in a bunch of seaweed that drifted on the ocean and landed at the harbor; its thickness was like that of the thigh of a man.

There are a lot of large hee seen by fishermen swimming in the lagoons here in Honolulu, but they do not take them on because they fear that type of animal.

One of the large hee seen is at the fishpond walls [kuapa] of Kaalaawai, and they are always seen in the evenings when the sun is almost setting. Its size is like a man’s head, and is seen every month.

(Kuokoa, 7/10/1908, p. 6)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLIII, Helu 28, Aoao 6. Iulai 10, 1908.

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