On annexationists, 1893.


The other day, Dr. McGrew, Editor of the newspaper, the Star, of this town, was sued over some filthy words printed about Mr. Norrie, calling him a spittoon carrier [?? lawe ipukuha].* Mr. Norrie is a gentleman in our view; but that is nothing to the “Great Father of Annexation,” for he denounces Mr. Norrie as someone to be treated with contempt and tormented.

Because of that publication by Dr. McGrew which sullied his good name, he was hurt, and that is the reason for the suit, for his name is important to him.

This past Wednesday, the doctor was tried, and the judgement remains; we know that there can be no other judgement than that he is guilty.

This Thursday morning, when the steamliner of T. H. Davis and Company came up to the wharf of Porter Company.

A Hawaiian man named Puaala was climbing up wearing the blue ribbon of the annexationists [libine bolu hoohui aina] on his chest; when the captain saw this Hawaiian climbing aboard the ship, two of them stood at the top of the stairway, while the other people climbed aboard.

When that Puaala reached the top of the stairs, he was seized at the chest and turned back around, being told, “You go right back down, for we don’t like annexationists,” and that rogue was kicked in the butt; how great is your disappointment and humiliation.

The others there, all the the haole and Hawaiians who wanted to board wearing the ribbon, were seen removing the buttons and ribbons and hiding them, because they saw the kicking of Puaala for wearing the annexationist ribbon.

That is why we say, the fruits and consequences of annexation is humiliation, and being kicked, and ousting, and so forth.

And other than [?? these people] who hid buttons and ribbons, that is the proper pay back for the traitor [kumakaia].

*See the following post for the article in question.

(Leo o ka Lahui, 6/5/1893, p. 3)


Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 710, Aoao 3. Iune 5, 1893.


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