Fishponds seen on travels around Molokai, 1893.

[Found under: “Huakai Makaikai i ka Mokupuni o Molokainui a Hina.”]


When I travelled from Kawela to Pukoo, it was perhaps ten or so miles, I saw 30 or more fishponds [loko ia] in the ocean, set apart by rock walls like the ponds at Kualoa, Koolau, Oahu. Some of the ponds I saw were almost a mile long. They [the walls] were five feet tall and four feet wide. These were built under the command of our alii some hundred years ago; however, the things they built are stronger. The loko ia they built still are standing; the rocks have not fallen. These are monuments to the kupuna who have gone before us. These stone ponds that were built by the people of old surpass that of the stone pier of Kaunakakai; it has just been a number of years and yet it is crumbling; the work of children. When the land was filled with people, they constructed this wondrous thing. This is a voiceless inspiration for the new generations to put effort in what they do as their kupuna did, for “By the sweat of your brow you will  eat your food,” and not by sleeping and just gallivanting your time away. If these stone ponds could tell the story of those who built them, who would be able to hold back tears of aloha? Rise, O Younger Brothers and Sisters.

[This is just an excerpt from a travelogue by James N. K. Keola that ran in Nupepa Puka La Kuokoa from 5/22/1893 to 5/24/1893, describing his travels around Molokai.

Here is just another example verifying the olelo noeau: “Ua lehulehu a manomano ka ikena a na Hawaii.” This brings to mind the question, how will those of tomorrow look upon those of today? E ala e na pokii!]

(Nupepa Puka La Kuokoa, 5/23/1893, p. 3)


Nupepa Puka La Kuokoa, Buke I, Helu 70, Aoao 3. Mei 23, 1893.

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