The new Makua Church, 1921.



Mr. Solomon Hanohano, Editor of the Kuokoa. Aloha:—Please allow me some open space in your newspaper, the Kuokoa, to insert this little clarification pertaining to the Makua Church. Along with this letter is a picture of the new church being built these days that I want you to also place in the paper with this announcement.

The main reason for this announcement is this: In the month of August, we made a number of monetary requests, and the members, friends and intimates joined and gave their assistance to Makua for this great endeavor, with the approval of the secretary of the Hawaiian Board.

That is not all we’ve done,  but we have tried all good thing possible to promote this great activity, the building of the church, like selling laulau, putting on concerts, and so forth.

This church was built in the year 1840, and it has been standing for a full eighty years or more, with minor repairs now and then; therefore, the brethren of the church decided to build a new church where the old church was near to falling over.

Therefore we wanted to place this announcement so that the friends, intimates, the numerous devout, and all those who helped us when we asked for their help, will know that here is the fruit that you all gave; all of the imperfections are nearly fixed; and you are greatly thanked for this immense help.

The total cost to build this church was almost about four thousand dollars, but all of the needs were not covered by this four thousand, for this is just for the construction; remaining is the little thing inside, like the pews, and the other furniture, but these are but little things.

Glorious is the grace of God in giving aloha to each and everyone who gave their help for His church. We are continuing to ask for money for this church building.

On this Sunday, the 4th of this month, the Sunday School will hold its joint hoike for the Kona district, at the meeting house of the Hau-o-Heremona Church of Kalihi and Moanalua, on Kamehameha IV Road, and all the prosperity gained on that day will go to this church building.

Therefore, the Sunday School of Makua invites everyone who wants to join us in this benefit for the building of the church of Makua, come join us on the day shown above.

This is all we have to say about this church building, so that you know that here is Makua doing what it said when it asked for all of your help.

With you O Mr. Solomon Hanohano goes our boundless appreciation, for your truly great patience with our troubling you; but may the Lord give many blessings to you and to us all; that be our prayer.

We with humility,


By way of our committee,


(Kuokoa, 12/2/1921, p. 5)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LIX, Helu 48, Aoao 5. Dekemaba 2, 1921.


1 thought on “The new Makua Church, 1921.

  1. Mahalo for sharing so grateful Mr. Solomon Hanohano is my great grandfather. So very interesting to find stories of him and his career as a journalist.

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