Captain Jules Dudoit celebration, 1915.


Last week, Captain Jules Dudoit of Pukoo, Molokai, commemorated two days of the week; the first being his becoming seventy-six years old, and the second one was the fortieth anniversary of he and his wife’s marriage.

On Wednesday last week, he became seventy-six years old, and albeit his occupation is a ship captain, he has never left Hawaii at all for foreign lands, but it was here that he was born and it will be here that he will rest his body for the eternal rest.

On the following Friday of that same week, he and his wife celebrated the fortieth year of their marriage; they both remain strong in body and have more years remaining to live.

From the loins of Mr. and Mrs. Jules Dudoit came children, and grandchildren, numbering about forty-three.

Jules Dudoit and his brother [hoahanau] Charles Dudoit are ship captains, but of the two of them, Charles Dudoit has sailed to foreign lands, where Jules Dudoit only has sailed his many vessels here in Hawaii nei.

They are both children of Julius Dudoit, the first French consul of Hawaii nei that was murdered by his own servant; at the family residence, mauka of Nuuanu, in 1866. The servant was caught and convicted of the crime which he committed, and his punishment was hanging on the gallows.

(Kuokoa, 9/24/1915, p. 5)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LIII, Helu 39, Aoao 5. Sepatemaba 24, 1915.

2 thoughts on “Captain Jules Dudoit celebration, 1915.

  1. Thank you for posting 🙂 Jules Dudoit is ohana to me. My ggreat grandmother was Blanche Dudoit. May I have this information to share with my immediate ohana?
    Samlynne Lee

    • Aloha. The newspapers have so much information waiting to be found. Everything on this blog is made to be shared. More people need to know what can be found in the Hawaiian newspapers!

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