Were they really eating loli thinking it was clams? 1909.


Here is the program for the big luau at the Peninsula tomorrow. The ‘Tiser special train will leave the depot at 8:35 pronto. All employes of the Hawaiian Gazette Company please take notice and get there on time. What, ho, you luau.

Program for the day. Committees on picnic and luau, G. G. Boisse, chairman.

Luau and transportation, Charles S. Crane, S. P. Correa; games, C. S. Crane, E. Dekum, L. H. Mesick, Jack Densham, John Traut; dance, Paul Pereira; program and printing, L. H. Mesick, G. J. Boisse; official photographer, James Williams; Music, J. Kupau; refreshments, George Seyde.

Immediately upon arriving on the grounds there will be a match game of baseball between the following teams for a valuable trophy:

Hot Slugs—H. Chillingworth; p; L. Soares, c; Alfred Williams (captain), 1b; H. Williams, 2b; S. Saffery, ss; H. Herrick, 3b; James Ii, cf; F. Correa, 1f; G. J. Boisse, rf.

Substitutes—C. Estep, M. Guerrero, C. Lutz, A. Wolff, E. Souza, A. L. Eakin.

Wrong Fonts—J. Williams (captain), p; Che Bui Farm, c; Paul Pereira, 1b; L. Makanani, 2b; J. Kupau, ss; M. Pimenta, 3b; J. Pereira, cf; G. L. Samson, rf; G. Pereira, 1f.

Substitutes—E. Pihi, E. M. Thompson, Charles S. Crane, John Traut, S. P. Correa.

Jack Densham, umpire.

A. P. Taylor, official scorer.

After the baseball game the following games will be pulled off. Events are free for all. Valuable prizes for the winners:

  1. Girls’ race.
  2. Three-legged race.
  3. Fat men’s race.
  4. Fat women’s race.
  5. Men’s race, running backwards; 50 yards.
  6. Boys’ race, under 9 years.
  7. Girls’ race, under 9 years.
  8. Boys’ race, between 9 and 14 years.
  9. Boys’ race, over 14 years.
  10. Children’s races, boys and girls.
  11. Married men’s race.
  12. Married women’s race.
  13. Poi eating match for Hawaiians.
  14. Poi eating match for Haoles.

Intermission for luau.

After the luau there will be dancing in the pavilion.

Music by “The Park” Orchestra.

Train leaves the Peninsula for Honolulu at 4:20 p. m. sharp.

Menu of the Luau.


Amaama Lawalu—Mullet in Ti Leaves

Ula Koala—Broiled Lobster

Hee Maka—Raw Squid

Kamano Maka—Raw Salmon

Loli—Hawaiian Clams


Aku Maloo—Dried Aku

Opelu Maloo—Dried Opelu


Puaa Laulau Hoolua—Pig in Ti Leaves


Puaa Kaluapaa—Pig Roasted Underground


Poi Kalo—Taro Poi

Poi Ulu—Breadfruit Poi

Poi Uala—Sweet Potato Poi

Limu Eleele, Limu Kala, Limu Kohu—Sea Weeds


Kukui Inamona—Tuitui Salt

Nioi—Chile Pepper


Koelepalau—Hawaiian Pudding

Kulolo—Hawaiian Pudding

Maia Hawaii—Hawaiian Bananas


Kika—Cigars     Kikalika—Cigarettes

Ko Omoomo—Candies

Wai Momona—Soda Water

[So many interesting things to be seen in this announcement.]

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 9/24/1909, p. 3)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume L, Number 8464, Page 3. September 24, 1909.

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