Another genealogy of Hawaiian rulers, 1864.

Genealogy of the Alii of Ancient Times From the South¹ of Hawaii nei Who Ruled.

Haloa the male, Hinamanouluae the female;
Waia the male, Huhune the female;
Hinanalo the male, Haunuu the female;
Nakehili the male, Haulele the female;
Wailoa the male, Hikokuanea the female;
Kio the male, Kamole the female;
Ole the male, Haii the female;
Pupue the male, Manaku the female;
Manaku the male,  Hikoheale the female;
Kahiko the male, Kaea the female;
Nuanuu the male, Kapokuleiula the female;
Mawi the male, Hinakealohaina the female;
Nanamaoa the male, Hinakapaikua the female;
Nanakuae the male, Keaukuhonua the female;
Nanakaoko the male, Kahihiokalani the female;
Heleipawa the male, Kookookumaikalani the female;
Hulumalailani the male, Hinamaikalani the female;
Aikanaka the male, Hinahanaikamalama the female;
Hema the male, Uliomaheha the female;
Kahai the male, Hinauluohia the female;
Waiholoa the male, Hoolaukahili the female;
Laka the male, Hikauilena the female;
Luanuu the male, Kapokuileiula the female;
Kamea the male, Hopomaili the female;
Hua the male, Kapoea the female;
Pao the male, Manokalililani the female;
Hoaho the male, Kauilaanapa the female;
Palena the male, Hikawainui the female;
Hana the male, Mahuia the female;
Lonokawai the male, Kalohialiiokawai the female;
Laau the male, Kukamolimolialoha the female;
Pili the male, Hinauapu the female;
Koa the male, Hinaaumai the female;
Loe the male, Hinakalili the female;
Kukehau the male, Hinakeuki the female;
Kaniuhi the male, Hiliamakani the female;
Kanipahu the male, Walaikauakoko the female;
Kalapana the male, Makeamalamaihana the female;
Kahaimoeeleaikaaikupou the male, Huailikapu the female;
Kalaunuiohua the male, Kaheka the female;
Kuaiwa the male, Kamuleilani the female;
Kahaukapu the male, Laakapu the female;
Kauhola the male, Neiula the female;
Kiha the male, Auilea the female;
Kaunuamoa the amle, Hinaku the female;
Makaoku the male, Hinaaikamalama the female;
Kepakailiula the male, Makoleaikahaluu the female;
Liloa the male, Akahiakuleana the female;
Umi the male, Kapukini the female;
Keliiokalola the male, Makuwahineopalaka the female;
Kuaikulani the male, Kaohukiokalani the female;
Makakaualii the male, Kapukomola the female;
Ilikauikaua the male, Keakamahana the female;
Kanalopulehu the male, Keakealani the female;
Keau the male, Kalanikauleleiaiwi the female;
Kalaninuieeaumoku the male; Kamakaimoku the female;
Kalanikupuapaikalaninui the male, Kekuiapoiwa the female;
Kamehameha I the male, Kai the female;
Liholiho the male, Kamamalu the female;
Kalanikauikeouli the male, Kalama the female;
Alexander Liholiho the male, Emma the female;
L. Kamehameha the male, Without female.

These are all of the Alii of Hawaii nei from the realm of po all the way up to the emergence of Kinau into this world. That is what was recorded by D. Malo, and Kepookulou of Kaawaloa, in their manuscripts, and that was thereafter printed in the Hawaiian language Newspapers.


S. W. B. Kaulainamoku.
Haliimaile, Honolulu, June 18, 1864.

(Not complete.)

¹? “mai lalo mai”

(Kuokoa, 6/25/1864, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke III, Helu 26, Aoao 1. Iune 25, 1854.

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