Beginnings of Hilo Tahitian Club, 1959.

[Found under: “Big Island Briefs”]

THE BIG ISLAND’S (perhaps Hawaii’s) first “Tahitian Club” is now being formed by local Tahitian stars Kauihealani Brandt and Teitu Kameenui.

The new club, whose aims are recreational, instructive and esthetic, will work to perpetuate and advance all polynesian arts—music, dancing, cr4afts and language, with especial emphasis on those of Tahiti.

Membership is open to all who want to further their knowledge of Polynesia and take part in social events.

Among early club projects are plans for Hawaii’s first celebration of the Tahitian national holiday, Bastille Day, July 14.

(Sunday Advertiser, 4/19/1959, p. 6)


Sunday Advertiser, 103rd Year, Number 34,631, Page A6. April 19, 1959.

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