Hawaii artists, 1901.

Works Painted by Our People.

Some of These Paintings Shown Last Monday.

In their Exhibition Room in Progress Hall, on the corner of Fort and Beretania Streets, our artists showed some of the paintings they created with patience. Hawaii is one of the best places for artists because the land is beautiful, the mountains are beautiful, the plants are beautiful, everywhere is beautiful, and they always have a subject to paint at any time. When observing the paintings shown at their exhibition room, those paintings show that our men and women artists know the beauty of the land and they used their brushes to situate this beauty upon the paper or canvas painted by them.

Amongst the famous painters of ours at this time, perhaps Theodore Wores is one of the most skilled at this endeavor. He spent many years in Japan painting the beauty of that wondrous place, and his paintings were sent all over the world, printed in books, and it is said that the works drawn by him show the beauty of Japan cause many wealthy people to constantly travel to Japan to see its beauty. We are fortunate that he has come to live with us, and as he has stated to your writer, his desire is to draw pictures and to paint pictures of the beautiful places of the land, the people, the lifestyle of today; to show the entire world that we are enlightened, that we have a beautiful place, and that it will lure many to us, and that Hawaii will benefit. He has an advertisement in this paper asking for some girls and some small Hawaiian children to go to his studio to sit as per his how he wants, in some beautiful locations that he wants to paint so that he can paint some Hawaiian paintings. He is prepared to pay them for this work, and this is a fine job for some girls and for parents to take their children. There will be pay for not a great amount of work. He said he paid a Hawaiian girl $1.00 an hour for this work, and he is ready to pay some girls at this rate. A painter cannot paint unless he sees what he will paint. If parents do not want to release their girls to go alone, he wants the parent to come along to see what he wants them to do. He is a gentleman in every respect.

Mr. Howard Hitchcock [Howard Hikikoki] is one of the most skilled painters of ours, and he has done some very beautiful of the crater. This youth is famous for his knowledge in painting, and it can definitely be said that he is one of the top class painters. There were some ladies as well, and Miss Helen Kelley displayed all of her knowledge in painting pictures of the beautiful flowers that we see. Hawaiians also are very knowledgeable in painting, and if taught painting, we will obtain this magnificent occupation, and it will be they who show the world the beauty of our land of birth.

(Kuokoa, 11/22/1901, p. 6)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXIX, Helu 21, Aoao 6. Novemaba 22, 1901.


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