For those who believe anything on Facebook. 1908.

That letter from Kalawao.

The English article that was printed in one of the English newspapers of Honolulu nei, from S. K. Maialoha of Kalawao, Molokai, is clear to the editor of this paper, that it is not a letter written in English by S. K. Maialoha, because the editor of this paper is familiar with S. K. Maialoha, and he is not someone skilled in English.

The editor of this paper lived with and is very familiar with that fellow and friend of North Kohala, Hawaii. He was a school teacher for the Hawaiian-language Government school at Ainakea for several years. He however only had but a little familiarity with the English language. The familiarity he had was not sufficient for him to write a letter all by himself of the sort that was published by that English paper.

Therefore, we truly believe that the body of that letter was composed here in Honolulu in English and it was sent to Kalawao to Mr. S. K. Maialoha for his signature,  without him knowing fully the complete meaning of that letter; should that be the S. K. Maialoha that we know. But if he is not, and that is a different Maʻialoha, then this beloved Maʻi [“Patient”] is perhaps from Honolulu nei, — and he was sent to Kalawao and returned here to Honolulu, and is seen in the columns of that English newspaper that was impersonated.

Our S. K. Maialoha that we know and are famliar with, and who is living in Kalawao, that is S. Kapela Maialoha that was a school teacher for Ainakea.

[And today, more so, do you believe everything/anything people say on Facebook? Please think for yourself, and don’t be some lamb following a charismatic shepherd. Think and do your own research if you think it is important enough!]

(Kuokoa Home Rula, 5/8/1908, p. 2)


Kuokoa Home Rula,  Buke IV, Helu 19, Aoao 2. Mei 8, 1908.


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