Logic? 1903.

English is the official language of the Territory and the Hawaiians wrong themselves and their children by seeking to revert to the official use of the Hawaiian language. We can but honor Hawaiians for the love they cherish for their old queen, their old flag and their old language, because if their hearts are true to those things, they will only the more surely be true and loyal to our present form of government. But the wheels of time cannot turn backward. A new order of things has come, and Hawaiians, who are wise in their own generation, will make all these new things their own, and seek to live  in the present and the future, rather than in the past. With some force it may be urged that many Hawaiians, otherwise capable of becoming good and wise legislators are handicapped by an insufficient knowledge of English, but on the other hand, there are as many, if not more wise and capable Hawaiians who do possess the requisite knowledge of English. Opportunities have been presented to all of them in the past to acquire a knowledge of English, and those of them who failed to grasp the opportunity must fall behind in the race. Hawaiians who hope to ultimately acquire statehood can find no broader or straighter road to that goal than that of a thorough and exclusive use and knowledge of the English language.

(Maui News, 4/18/1903, p. 2)


Maui News, Volume VII, Number 10, Page 2. April 18, 1903.

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