5 thoughts on “Does anyone know of the mele “Kalani Kaulilua” by Major Kealakai? 2018.

  1. Maj. Kealakaiʻs composition titled “Kalani Kaulilua” is not the mele that begins “He manao he aloha” published in Ka Leo o Ka Lahui in Feb. 1891. That mele, also titled “Kalani Kaulilua” in Ka Leo o Ka Lahui, appears subsequently under the title “Ka Ipo Lei Manu” as published in sheet music in 1892. Most interestingly, the song title “Ka Ipo Lei Manu” is listed on the back cover of sheet music published in 1895, with a group of other song titles under the header “Compositions by J. S. Libornio.”

    We need to look elsewhere to find Maj. Kealakaiʻs composition “Kalani Kaulilua.”


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