Thomas Lindsey thrown from horse, 1888.


On Wednesday, October 24th, Thomas Lindsey a boy eighteeen years of age, son of William Lindsey of Waimea, Hawaii, was chasing a wild bull on Mr. Holmes ranch, when his horse struck a single rock bedded in the sand, throwing the boy off. Sometime after he was found in an insensible condition with his skull badly fractured. Medical aid was summoned, but nothing could be done for the unfortunate boy. He lived until Sunday the 28th at 10 o’clock. It is not known whether he struck his head in falling or the horse kicked him. When the sad accident became known people flocked from Hamakua, Kohala and Kona to the residence of the boy’s parents to extend their sympathy. The deceased was the star of the Waimea cattle hunter.

(Daily Bulletin Weekly Summary, 11/13/1888, p. 2)


Daily Bulletin Weekly Summary, Number 61, Page 2. November 13, 1888.


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